the Product

 The Shaver

Just click on this baby and you’ll be irresistibly smooth from cheek to cheek in no time. Clocking up 55,000 cuts per second, this shaver’s dual rotary heads turn faster than a jet engine to make light work of the most stubborn stubble. Like it wet? Prefer it dry? It’s all the same to this baby. Just get it on!

Play with your Style

Just click on this trusty tool and every hair south of the neckline is fair game. How far do you dare to go? You can trim those pits. Tame that bear-rug. Mow that most private of lawns. Or groom yourself all the way. Nobody appreciates a bit of thoughtful manscaping more than the ladies.

Play with your Style

Just click on this game-changing attachment to sport any look from perfect stubble to a fully tamed beard. The ladies love a Player, so redesign your look whenever the mood takes you with this precision tool for any occasion. Who do you want to be tonight?

Play with your Style

The Controller
  • Play around with your man-hair with up to 40 minutes of cordless power
  • Get extra juice for more manscaping with the 5-minute quick charge function
  • Get as wet as you like in the shower with the fully water-resistant casing
  • Play away from home as much as you like thanks to universal voltage

Drag onto Controller
to explore the Possibilities

Dare to Try

Clean Shaven

So, mon ami, before we begin you have to make up your mind: do you want to shave dry like a martini or wet as last night’s dream? Dry is quicker, but wet is so refreshing and oh sooo smooth! But don’t rush it: you can always admire yourself in the mirror until you decide...

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Chin Curtain

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! Now this li’l sweetie here is just the perfect mix: way easier to handle than the Chin Strap, and way less old fashioned than the Abe. Let them good ole style times roll, partner!

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Van Dyke

I told Kanye he got cojones, and I told Brad. Now I’m telling you. So wear them with pride, amigo. As well as this most macho of all beards: blessing many manly men both with style and with attitude.

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Stubble Guy

Well, my friend, this is an easy one: if you want to look like you didn’t shave in the morning – just don’t shave in the morning! The work begins as soon as you found that perfect length you want to keep for a while... And you want to keep it neat!

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The stache is a natural beauty and never out of style: Wear it as the Selleck, the Gable, the Fu Manchu or – at its very British best – as the Handlebar Mustache. It sure takes a heck of time to maintain it, but lookin’ ace is bleedin’ worth it, lad.

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Shaved Body

Girls want strong, hard men. Still, they really like us all soft and smooth on the outside. And the true connoisseur will appreciate this what-you-see-is-what-you-get-look on himself big time, too...

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Full Beard

Real men are made of a big heart with lots of hair around it – put together in a big, bearlike body. So take your time and grow this most natural of beards, man: and become a hairy, but well kept best-of-beauty-and-the-beast.

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Trimmed Body

Clothes are only a fashion statement – deciding on the right amount of body hair is a true matter of style! Go for the bear to show you’re a man who can’t be tamed. Or accent your muscle definition with a neat trim. Whatever you choose: wear it with pride, dude!

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  • Game on!
  • Life is
    for playing!